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A. What is the difference between HFCWO and HFCC?

HFCWO (High Frequency Chest Wall Oscillation) and HFCC (High Frequency Chest Compression) are interchangeable terms that describe the same airway clearance therapy.
B. Is the AutoVest® only for patients with Cystic Fibrosis?
a. No, the AutoVest® may be prescribed by a physician for anyone with a disease or condition that requires aggressive airway clearance therapy for which HFCWO may benefit.
b. To date, HFCWO therapy has been prescribed by physicians for over 400 diagnoses.
C. Why is patient positioning not necessary as it is in manual Chest Physiotherapy (CPT)?
The AutoVest® works through a different mechanism of action than conventional CPT and does not require complex Trendelenburg techniques to be effective. The action of the AutoVest® creates upward airflows that loosen and mobilize lung secretions in either standing, sitting, or lying down positions.
D. Can a nebulizer treatment be given at the same time as HFCWO?
A nebulizer treatment can be given at the same time as the AutoVest® treatment; however, the patient should first verify with their physician.
E. What are some of the advantages of the AutoVest® over other systems?
a. Unique single-hose design offers greater convenience and comfort
b. Full coverage (360 degrees) pulsation
c. Machine-washable AutoVest® (HomeCare) simplifies cleaning
d. Soft Start® technology reduces "squeeze effect" and "vest creep" on start up
e. Wheeled AutoVest® Carrier travels easily C fits inside airplane as carry-on
F. What if a patient has a tracheostomy? How does that work with the AutoVest®?
The medical literature reports that HFCWO works equally as well on patients with a tracheostomy and compromised airway clearance; however, such a medical decision should always be left up to the attending physician.
G. How does the AutoVest® enhance patient comfort?
The AutoVest® has patient comfort features such as Soft Start® technology, an offset single-hose, no direct pounding on the sternum or abdomen, and soft, breathable fabrics that reduce perspiration and itching. Additionally, the AutoVest® is the only HFCWO product currently on the market that uses a flow-through system design, which improves patient comfort by using air release holes in the garment air bladder, allowing the pressure to automatically adjust. This can prevent the lags in pulse pressure that closed-loop systems experience. We believe heightened patient comfort is realized because of our flow-through design.
H. What is the advantage of 360-degree pulsation?
360-degree pulsation ensures full coverage pulsation of the front, back, and sides of the torso to simultaneously treat all areas of the lungs equally.
I. How is the AutoVest® cleaned?
The AutoVest® garment for HomeCare use is machine washable for easy cleaning. The SmartVest Wrap® must be spot cleaned. Institutional garments are intended for single patient use only.